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Looking for bunkers on a road trip in Albania is a fun thing, and the largest is in the capital, Tirana. There are great places to visit, but there is also a capital that is less visited, but you could just stop and get off. Not everything you can do in Tiranas is actually in this city, some of the best attractions are actually outside the city. Here are 13 things to see in one of Albania's most popular cities, Tirana, at a good price.

Albania has many bunkers, but one of the biggest and most complicated is the one you find in the streets of Tirana. Once the home of the rich, it is now full of cafes, bars and galleries. The area of Tiranas Albania is home to some of the most famous sights in Albania, such as the Guggenheim Museum and the National Museum. It is also the main venue for the festivities in Albania, with concerts, festivals and other events as well as a number of events for children and adults.

The main attractions of Tirana are relatively compact, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to explore. Many of the best places in Tiranas are located around the square, but choosing a central location leaves you many opportunities to do the best things in and around Tirano.

You can stroll through the Grand Park of Tirana and admire the green spaces, full of flowers. Or you can start by visiting the pristine beaches of the Albanian Riviera of Tirana.

If you want to settle down in Tirana for a few days, a day trip to other parts of Albania could be interesting. If you are looking for the best bars in Tiranas, have a look at our list of the best nightlife places in Albania, with the most popular bars, restaurants, hotels and restaurants in the city. We'll tell you where to find them, but we'll also give you some tips on where to visit them and where to stay. In Tbilisi, Gjirokastra, Kumanovo and other cities there are many good restaurants and bars, and there is a wide selection of bars and nightclubs in this city, especially for young and old.

We hope you like our Tirana Albania travel guide, then share it on social media and do not forget to watch our videos made in Tiranas. From there, we have everything you need to know to prepare for your trip to Tirana, Albania, from the things you can do to the best restaurants, hotels and hotels in the city and everything in between.

I have been living in Albania for 2 years now and have had the opportunity to visit all the places I have visited in the past, from the capital of Albania, Tirana, to the small towns and villages. Whether you are on a tour or exploring Tirano on foot for several days, we have listed the most important things we think are important in Tirano.

If you are already in Albania, it is possible to get a bus from any of the major cities to Tirana. Albanian capital, and most of its tourist attractions are located in it , it would be easy to arrange a sightseeing tour of Tiranas. You can take the bus at any time of the day or night from the main bus station in the capital and arrive in Tirano in a few hours.

In the Balkans there are several regular international buses that connect the major cities of Albania, such as Tirana, Tirano, Gjirokastra, Krasnodar, Pristina and Durban, which you can take. The international bus station in the capital of Tirana is the same as in other European cities and other parts of the world. In Albania there are a number of hotels, restaurants, shops, cafes and other tourist attractions.

Search Tirana's TripAdvisor for the best tourist information for Tirana while you are here. 3 days in Tirano is enough to see all the main sights of Tirata, but if you want you can always extend it.

The best view of Tirana and Albania is in the restaurant on the edge of the mountain and on the observation deck on the 7th floor. If you are flying to Tiranas, make sure you have planned your itinerary carefully, but if you have already visited the Albanian capital and have a few other things to do in Albania that you can add to your list, then have a look. You will not miss any of the listed attractions, because once you have passed most of them, you will have enjoyed the most wonderful time in Tirano.

If you love architecture and street art and want to do something about it in Tirana, look no further than BunkaArt. This is a good starting point if you want to learn more about the history of Albania, its history and culture. The communist past of the Balkan country and how it has shaped the Albanians, visit one of its art museums to get a better understanding of how the culture and culture of the country works. For those of you who are doing this for the first time in Albania or who want to learn more about the history, culture, politics and cultural heritage of Albania, the Bunksa Art Museum is the best place to go to Tiranas Albania and prove yourself to be the best thing you do.

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More About Tirana