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The Hotel Tirana is being developed into a five-star hotel, while the former Sheraton is being developed into smaller villas. At Skanderbeg Square there is a tower that will serve as a five-star hotel and will be operated by the Spanish group Melia.

In the capital, a further building is expected to be added, which has started on Elbasan Street in Lake Hills and will be built on the site of the former Sheraton Hotel in Tirana, with the main function of providing hotel services.

The hotel is classified as a 4-star hotel, but in reality it should be more like 2 or 3; it is exclusively for Eastern Europeans. British palette, the restaurant food is aimed at them, with boiled carrots that I like for breakfast, and gray - looking dishes that look inedible. Of the 7,000 hotels, more than 1,500 rooms, as well as restaurants, bars and cafés, will be available.

If you suffer from stomach problems, be careful: If you do not tear the cup open, it will rinse off with cold water. If you shower after 7pm, you won't be able to get out, let alone rehydrate properly. So is the water flushed down the toilet and the drink served.

Look out for the man who gives you something to drink in the restaurant, who opens a bottle of beer with his teeth or watches as he swallows everything.

The hotel grounds are nicely maintained, but the staff there are reluctant to shake hands at the tables. The towels are old, many are split into thin foams for foam, and the mattresses on the sun loungers should have been replaced in the 1990s. I don't think that if the towel is really dirty, you get it washed or if you do, you get it washed. Fruit juice is beet concentrate and 90% of all cups and glasses have chips,

The review below is not out of spite, as I was pushed into it by a 5 star hotel, but because I really found it. Just a few weeks ago, ACCOR Hotels, an international hotel brand, announced that it would enter the Albanian market with a hotel called Novotel, due to open in 2021. Also on the New Boulevard, construction of a 30-storey tower to serve as a hotel is to begin in the coming months, after the city council of Tirana has won the race. The new tower near the Air Albania Stadium is expected to be operated by Marriott after a contract was signed with Albstar.

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