Tirana Albania Intercontinental Hotel

Welcome to our private sandy beach where you can relax and explore the beautiful landscape of Umag, one of the most beautiful beaches in Istria. We are located in UMag, in the countryside in the north-west of Istria, on the outskirts of town, just a few kilometers from the main road and a short drive from the city center.

Our five-star hotel serves as a luxurious retreat surrounded by world-class shopping. We spare no expense and offer the security of the Suraksha Initiative, including private suites, Pool Private Suite, Private Pool Pool and Private Pool.

Innovation, the world's first and only private hotel with a private pool and spa and a full service restaurant.

Of course, hotel prices in Himare are seasonal, but if you're looking for something really special, you can find a 5-star hotel for $126 based on Booked. A 3-star hotel costs $64 per night, and a 4 or 5-star hotel in Albania can be found on LateRooms. Five-star hotels are certainly at the top of the price range, so you can get a discounted rate for stays of 2 days or more.

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Hidden monasteries surrounded by forests and turquoise waters that wrap around a beautiful bay, those planning a visit should check out which hotels are the best in the region.

The 2 - 2 Trump Hotels are a collection of luxury hotels around the world that offer a range of options and experiences. Hotel Butrinti SPA is located in the heart of Tirana, the capital of Albania and the second largest city in Albania, and offers the best 5-star hotel deals in its category. There are 5 selected 5 star hot hotels with a variety of amenities and amenities including a spa, gym, gym and fitness center, as well as an outdoor pool and spa.

Forget the usual 5-star hotel deals in the United States, here in Albania you'll find many great new and used options. This includes a spa, gym and fitness centre, as well as an outdoor pool and spa with pool deck.

The TIRANA INTERCONTENTAL HOTEL in Tirana, Albania, is a 5-star hotel with spa, gym and fitness centre, as well as an outdoor pool with pool deck.

The TIRANA INTERCONTENTAL HOTEL in Tirana, Albania, is a 5-star hotel with spa, gym and fitness centre, as well as an outdoor pool with pool deck.

Boutique hotels in Albania tend to be smaller (5-20 rooms) and differ from larger hotels in terms of personalized accommodation and services. Five-star hotels go beyond that, and here the most popular choice is the Dinasty Hotel. Splendid Venice is a combined private home and hotel in Tirana, Albania, with a spa, gym and fitness centre, and an outdoor pool with pool deck. Traveler.com has 7 luxury accommodations in and around Tiranas, including some of the best hotels and resorts in the city, such as the TIRANA INTERCONTENTAL HOTEL.

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