Tirana Albania Marriott Hotel

TIRANA, December 6 - US giant Hyatt has reached an agreement with Albanian investors to manage the former Sheraton hotel, which they plan to buy and rename in early 2018 to fill the void in the international brand that manages five-star hotels across the country after the departure of the Sheraton hotel. Albania's owners of the future Hyatts Hotel have extended the lease for the hotel, located on the corner of Shkodrani Street and Gjirokastra Street in the central business district of Tirana, for three years.

The overall project includes a total of 1,500 square metres of office space, a hotel room and a restaurant. The project includes the renovation of the former Sheraton Hotel into a 5-star Hyatts Hotel, with the addition of a four-storey hotel building, including toilets and changing rooms. It also includes a two-story office building and the construction of toilets, including a dressing room with shower and shower cabin, as well as a gym and gym.

The museum comprises the following pavilions: the Museum of the Albanian National Museum, the National Library of Albania and the Museum of Kosovo. The decorative parts of the facade are painted glass with three-dimensional elements made of aluminium material, embossed with the national symbols and decorations of Albania.

The exterior façade is covered with black and red metal plates that connect to the entire façade, including the tower. The design of the glass facade plays an important role in the design of the building, which is a symbol of Albania's national pride and pride in its history. After more than 60 years of construction, the Qemal Stafa Stadium is home to the Albanian national football team and the Albanian national team. The Air Albania Stadium is the largest stadium in Albania with a capacity of 2.5 million people and an average spectator of 1.2 million.

Arena Kombetare (pronounced Arena - kom - b - tare) is a stadium in the capital Tirana, Albania, on the outskirts of the city centre, just a few kilometres from the Albanian national stadium, which was built on the site of the former Qemal Stafa stadium. It was officially named Air Albania Stadium for sponsorship reasons, but inaugurated as the new home of the Albanian national football team, the Albanian national team. The stadium belongs to the Albanian Football Association and is named after the Communist Party, which was in power during the war when the stadium was already finished.

The US-based Hyatt operates the hotel and is one of the leading luxury brands worldwide. The American hospitality giant is in Albania for the first time since acquiring the global Starwood brand in late 2016.

The Albanian Rogner Hotel, owned by the Tirana International Hotel and the Austrian Rogner Hotel, as well as the Italian and Austrian Rogner Hotel, are also active in the city centre. Italia Square is one of the two main squares of this city and Mother Teresa Square, named after the Albanian-born Saint Teresa of Calcutta. The square is located on the side of Deshmoret e Kombit Boulevard, which is limited to the east and west sides and both sides of Tirana's main thoroughfare.

The structure of the stadium was designed by Marco Casamonti of Archea Associati, with each side having access to a specific function. Each facet takes into account a different river, identifying the different aspects of Tirana, such as the city centre, the square and the stadiums. At one corner of its structure stands the tallest tower in Albania, which today houses the Albanian national football team.

It was created in collaboration with the architects of Archea Associati with a particular focus on the city centre, the square and the stadium. It was created by a team of architects, architects and architects from Italy, France, Spain, Italy and Greece.

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Take the metro (first Turkish word) from the Marriott in Sisli to Ataturk airport and take a taxi to Taksim area on the first night. It is 10tl to get there, to come back and forget it again, it is 10TL to go there and come out again.

More About Tirana

More About Tirana